Request for
Live Scan Forms

Live scan is the easiest way to get a government background check.

Request for Live Scan Forms

Bring your completed live scan form to the nearest live scan location. For the correct live scan form, Certifix Live Scan recommends you verify with the requesting agency before visiting us. It’s the easiest and safest method to come ready.

When you visit a certified location, having a live scan request form is a must. The information on a live scan form facilitates the transferral of fingerprint images to the State and Federal government and then to the requesting agency. The form will have the agency’s information like the ORI code and the mailing code which the technicians copy to complete the request. In addition to that, your own data should be on the live scan application form.

Blank Live Scan Request Form

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

Criminal Record Review / Foreign Adoption

Contractors State License Board

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Department of Real Estate (DRE)

Department of Social Services




Healthcare / Medical / Psychological



Legal Industry

Pest Control

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